The U.S. Labor market has seen unprecedented churn of late, with a record 47.8 million workers quitting their jobs in 2021. Now more than ever, human resources professionals need recruitment strategies that will help them attract and retain top talent. We’ve found the following seven recruitment strategies to be the most effective in this era of the Great Resignation.

1. Define Ideal Candidates

Decide what kind of person and skillset you want to hire. Do you prefer someone with a specific degree or type of experience? Consider, too, the candidate traits that are important to your hiring process. Include these factors in your criteria for applicants by listing them clearly on job postings.

2. Use Social Media Outlets

Social media is essential for recruiting top talent. Start with LinkedIn; create job postings and status updates highlighting open roles. Broaden your network of connections, too. You never know when a new connection could turn into an interested applicant or a source of referrals.

3. Create an Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program allows employees to refer candidates from their network for open positions. In exchange for successful new hires, they could receive rewards such as monetary compensation or gift cards. Not only are these programs motivating for employees, but they are also an excellent way for companies to find qualified candidates at no cost.

4. Network with Target Candidates

Get out in the community and set up a table at career fairs and local colleges. Host workshops on-site or off-site, and invite students enrolled in programs that align with your job needs. This can turn into an ongoing source of referrals among interested students.

5. Hire a Recruiting Firm

Hiring a recruiting firm like Quantum Strategies can help you find top talent that fits your company’s culture and requirements. Our team uses advanced recruitment and search tools to find only the most highly qualified candidates. And now, for a limited time, we are offering exclusive savings on our recruiting solutions. Over the next five months, our fee for your first four searches will be 15% of your new hire’s annual compensation. Click here to learn more and take advantage of this offer.

6. Create Job Postings That Attract Top Talent

Make sure your job posting addresses candidates’ top concerns, from the retirement benefits you offer to the core values your company upholds. Include a well-written description of the role and why you think it’s a great opportunity. Give applicants a feel for what it’s like to work at your organization and why they should choose you.

7. Thoroughly Assess Candidates

Make sure your interviews are on-point. What’s their experience like? Have they worked in a similar field or organization? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Goals? What kind of environment suits them best? How do they handle stress? Check with our experts at Quantum Strategies for help getting your interviews just right.

Try These Recruitment Strategies Today

As the job market continues to tighten, recruiters need to stay on the cutting edge of the latest tech, trends, and outreach strategies to attract top talent. These seven strategies can help you build a strong candidate pool — while meeting organizational goals and staying competitive. For more help with your candidate search, contact us today.