Benefits Consulting & Administration


Given the rise in health care costs and continuing changes in regulations, employers are looking for innovative and cost-effective employee benefit solutions. Equally important is the strong relationship with partners who put the employer and employee needs first as demonstrated by sound plan design and trusted customer service.

We provide services to bend the cost curve. We will work with your brokers and insurance companies. If you are not satisfied with your current programs and brokers, we can recommend one of our strategic partners.

Quantum Strategies’ health and benefits team customize plans that ensure everyone involved has a stake-employer, employee, and health insurance advocate-promoting responsibility and accountability in managing health risks.

Quantum’s benefits administration team provides all of the services traditionally performed by in-house benefits teams, including:

  • Strategic Plan Design
  • Open Enrollment Process
  • Employee Change Process
  • Compliance (ACA Reporting, COBRA Administration)
    • Plan Questions/Claims Resolution
    • Invoice Reconciliation
    • Educational Workshops (Understanding plan options and Wellness initiatives)


      Quantum Strategies takes compliance seriously.

      Simply put, compliance means following federal, state, and local regulations and documenting their implementation. The sponsor’s compliance procedures and documentation are subject to investigation and if not followed, are subject to penalties by the Department of Labor.

      Being compliant ensures safety and security for all employees as well as the organization.


      Quantum Strategies offers the following employee benefits compliance solutions:

      • Summary plan documents
      • ACA disclosure requirements and mandates
      • ERISA plan document/Wrap summary plan document
      • Cobra administration notice
      • Health and marketplace exchange notices
      • Filing reporting assistance


      Quantum Strategies combines Best in Class Benefits & HR Technology with their QUANTUM EAS online platform providing Superior Local Customer Support.