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Positive Strategies to Consider:

  • As the landscape continues to change, employers should regularly and clearly advise employees of the available company and state benefits and provide frequent updates related to the following: FMLA, use of sick leave and PTO, and telecommuting policies and scheduled work hours.
  • Use this as an opportunity for growth and development – allow people the chance to expand their current skillset and provide online training.
  • Communication is key! Silence breeds anxiety – frequent and consistent communication is important, so employees feel connected and teams are engaged.
  • Bi-weekly Conference Calls allow employees to hear from executives directly and get answers to their questions. Capture questions and concerns and use them to inform the content of other communication.
  • Establish a regular schedule of check-in calls with direct reports to ensure that they are connected and continuing to develop to their maximum ability in their home environment.  This also encourages a working mindset and allows for connection with their colleagues and provides the ability to discuss work in progress and team updates.
  • Do not “punish” employees that become ill or who must take time off to care for sick family members.
  • Encourage employees to exercise and take time during the day to go outside and reset.  Fresh air and natural light will serve to benefit everyone’s mood and encourage creativity and productivity.

Most important, remember that this too shall pass. Be ready!















CDC Urges Small Businesses to Plan, Prepare and Respond: