In recent years, the workplace and its employees have encountered a number of previously unheard-of challenges.

  • Supply chains were impacted for almost every sector of the economy that employs people.
  • Due to elements like remote and hybrid employment, workplace dynamics have altered dramatically.
  • Numerous quarantines had the additional effect of driving people out of major cities. Inflation, interest rates, and other variables are changing quickly.

What does this mean for 2023 hiring, and is your organization prepared for the potential difficulties ahead?

Organizations will likely struggle with finding qualified candidates.

With tightening budgets and economic recovery from years of shutdowns, employers have sharpened their job descriptions, and many have consolidated roles. This means that instead of hiring two candidates, they prefer to hire one very qualified candidate.

On the other hand, applicants complain that the qualifications are too stringent or particular. Many candidates want to work remotely or at least have a hybrid option. A recent study reports that by 2025, over 75% of workers will go for hybrid or remote employment due to shifting workplace demographics.

  • What steps is your company taking to close the gap in response to that?
  • Are you attracting prospects using unorthodox hiring practices and sources?
  • What is your organization’s policy on hybrid work?

More experienced (and expensive) candidates are on the rise.

Due to rising inflation rates, many retirees are returning to the workforce. Several stereotypes or untruths permeate attitudes toward elder labor.

  • Are your recruiters open to hiring older workers?

Several stereotypes and untruth permeate attitudes toward elder labor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if a senior employee stays for around four years, they will have worked as long as the typical employee. Older employees typically stay with a company for three times as long as their younger counterparts.

There’s more competition than ever to attract recent college graduates.

Compared to 2022, employers anticipate hiring more recent college graduates in 2023. It was 15% more.

  • Are you prepared to compete for those recent graduates with your business?

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