HR Consulting & Managed Services


Quantum Strategies provides flexible and comprehensive HR services that allow your organization to focus on its core mission while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR function. We do this by aligning HR services with the needs of your organization. Our HR Team is focused on optimizing our clients’ return on investment in HR. We support our clients by delivering HR business values and improved services at a lower cost.

The importance of having robust Human Resources management capabilities has become increasingly more important. The myriad of ever-changing regulations can make an already challenging situation even more demanding. Quantum’s team of HR professionals becomes an extension of your staff. Depending on your current HR capabilities, we can provide specialized capabilities to supplement your current team via our consulting team, or provide for a more holistic approach, utilizing our transformation team.


HR is more complex than ever. As regulations change it becomes critical that HR Departments have subject matter experts in a variety of different areas. Unfortunately, the days of having a few HR generalists have become too risky for firms and inefficient at managing regulatory responsibilities.

Quantum Strategies can supplement your current HR Team and provide them with the resources to effectively navigate this increasingly complex environment.

Our dedicated HR teams provide for your needs. Quantum Strategies can arrange assistance with specific projects, ongoing HR support requirements, or strategic insights with no hidden fees.

We invest our time and resources to understand your business. Quantum’s focus is the success of your mission, so we take time to understand your business and the requirements around its operation. We offer personalized HR solutions that focus on your business’s strategy and culture. We contribute to your organization’s current goals and prepare for your future needs with our HR processes.

Quantum Strategies takes a goal-oriented approach with your HR services. We frame our HR consulting plans to satisfy your key objectives and provide the expertise, resources and steps with your end goal in mind.

Communication is key. Quantum’s communications are designed to be easily understood by your company. We do more than just provide a report or give you an answer, Quantum’s HR consulting service positions the employer to implement the information we provide.


Succession planning is a process that involves identifying potential leaders within an organization that could replace existing leaders once they exit the company.

Whether your organization is small or large, Quantum Strategies’ succession planning resources are important not only for employee training and overall development but also for the overall health of the organization.

This proactive practice ensures a swift transition of talent through identifying critical job-related knowledge, skills, social relationships, and organizational practices that should be passed down to the incoming class/group/cohort of workers.

Benefits, importance, and reasons to start succession planning:

  • Identify gaps in skills and training needs
  • Investing in employees rather than hiring from the outside= boosts in employee morale
  • Adapt to changes in demographics and lack of external talent pool
  • Retain company-specific knowledge and cultural practices
  • Replacing unique, specialized competencies

If you would like more information regarding financial business succession, please click here.



At Quantum Strategies, we foster collaboration between your team and ours to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet your objectives. Our process is straightforward and provides you with the necessary information to make good decisions.


We gather information about the organization, the workgroups, and individuals. Our main objective is to help you identify the total cost of running the department and its programs and ways to maximize efficiency.


Our team provides the stakeholders with a blueprint of the department structure, strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. This information gives you an objective perspective, viewing the HR department from the perspective of the employees, customers, and leadership.


We develop a strategic business plan which includes recommended changes or improvements and specifics on how to capitalize on department strengths. This plan also includes recommendations on the use of technology and how to improve communication within the organization.


We believe in partnership and integrity. For Quantum Strategies, this includes doing the right thing for the client and not making recommendations that are unnecessary. We designed our service model to meet the needs of our clients, those with and without existing HR team members. We are agile in our approach and offer the following levels of service to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.


Quantum Strategies offers a robust array of services as part of our HR Consulting and Managed Services. Involvement in all these areas allows us to provide resources and programs aligning organizations for increased employee engagement. This leads to increased employee retention—driving down employee costs and bending the cost curve for employers.

  • On-Boarding/Off-Boarding: Paperless process for quick and easy onboarding.
  • Benefits Administration and Management
  • Payroll and Time & Attendance
  • Performance Management
  • Recruiting
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Leave management