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Best in Class Benefits & HR Platform

Quantum Strategies combines Best in Class Benefits & HR Technology with their QUANTUM EAS online platform providing Superior Local Customer Support.

With Quantum Strategies you get local enrollment support customized to your needs.

Quantum educates your team on how to effectively use the tool. Whether we work side-by-side with employees to enroll, your employees enroll themselves, or a combination of both, we identify which options work best for your benefits.

Your team calls our enrollment support specialists with any questions or follow-up needs.

Quantum EASProvides a Proven Track Record


2+ million employees on platform

$6+ billion in active insurance premiums

15,000+ employers on platform

Average employer size of 25-500 employees

Range in size from 2-40,000 employees across all industries in all 50 states

Benefits Administration

  • Easy to use online enrollment for open enrollment and new hires
  • Life event engine for qualifying events
  • Optional integrations with COBRA and FSA partners
  • Employees can access all info 24/7, 365 days per year

Time Off Tracking

  •  Administer your time-off packages and policies without spreadsheets
  • Employees request time off in a few clicks
  • HR or managers approve requests from their email
  • View company holiday calendars and much more

New Hire Onboarding

  • Custom new hire workflows to automate onboarding
  • Collect addresses, EEOC, emergency contacts, I-9s, W-4s and more
  • Track employees progress and send reminders
  • Self-service portal makes onboarding a breeze for new hires

HRIS Database

  • Modernize how your team stores, organizes and updates employee info
  • Allow employees to make updates on their own (i.e. emergency contacts)
  • Enjoy accurate employee data and a powerful HR reporting engine
  • Keep private notes on employees
  • Conduct performance appraisals and track reviews

ACA Tracking & Reporting

  • Ongoing eligibility tracking
  • ALE calculations
  • 9.5% penalty testing
  • Full 1094-C and 1095-C reporting capabilities
  • Over 800,000 1095c forms completed successfully in 2015

Safe & Secure

  • 256-bit-SSL encryption-the same technology banks use to keep your account information safe
  •  Ongoing penetration testing
  •  SOC 2 Type 1 Audit completed
  • HIPAA compliant
  • System stores backups in multiple secure locations throughout the day, every day
  • Servers are hosted at a Tier III, SSAE-16 and ISO 27001:2005 compliant facilities
  • Facilities include 24-hour manned security, biometric access control, video surveillance and physical locks


Many organizations struggle to create and identify their climate and culture. It is our belief that culture cannot be dictated or mandated from management. Instead, it focuses on the employees and how the organization feels and operates.

A culture and climate that promotes and fosters productivity does not ensure success of the organization. However, a negative, toxic culture and climate ensures the decline or destruction of an organization.

Despite management’s desires, creating and sustaining a positive culture and climate is a commitment and takes time to implement and flourish. A company’s culture is formed by the shared, deep-rooted values, norms, beliefs, and behaviors of every employee within the organization. Therefore, changing an organization’s culture is a gradual and collective effort by both the leaders and employees.

Quantum Strategies has the expertise in assessing an organization’s culture and climate to identify any gaps between the senior management goals and the perceptions of rank and file employees. This determines what changes need to be made to yield greater employee performance, productivity, engagement, and retention. We will work with you to help evaluate, define, and reconstruct your culture by putting your organization on a path for future success.


Employee engagement refers to the level of an employee’s commitment and overall connection to an organization. This is a key component in an organization’s success.

Research shows that there are two main factors that influence employee engagement levels: Organizational and Managerial drivers.

Our team at Quantum Strategies wants to help you determine how your organization performs in each of these areas. The results are critical as high levels of engagement can be attributed to increased retention rates, improved performance and even has a positive impact on customer loyalty.

Quantum Strategies can help propel your organization forward through evaluating how your employees operate and what tools and skills they need to be successful. We then evaluate your employees’ current level of engagement and develop opportunities to improve engagement. Employee engagement is important and we want to help you convert employees into stakeholders.


Workplace harassment training is an important tool in protecting your organization from a damaged reputation as well as costly fines and legal fees.

Documented training protects both the employee and the organization.

Quantum Strategies has designed harassment prevention training courses which are compliant with state and federal harassment laws. You can choose from a variety of approaches as our team has the ability to conduct employee training or can also provide a ‘train the trainer’ program to your supervisors. Regardless of which program you choose, all of our curriculum uses real-world examples and cases and are easy to understand. Quantum Strategies harassment prevention training can be administered by an outsourced training specialist or created and implemented in-house.


Quantum Strategies can provide your organization with an in-depth review of your current Human Resources practices by helping to identify gaps and recommending solutions.

Our team can offer the following, all with a focus on compliance and best practices:

  • Recruitment
  • HR Strategy
  • Culture
  • Compliance
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Benefits Administration and Management
  • Process Improvements
  • Performance Reviews
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • HRIS and Payroll Vendor Review
  • Leave/Absence Management

All of our assessments are customizable to fit your organization’s needs.


 A 2019 study led by SHRM found that 1 in 3 employees say their managers do not know how to lead a team. The study also found that $223 Billion was lost by U.S. organizations due to employee turnover in the last 5 years.

Both of these issues could have been prevented.

Leaders and the skills they possess have a proven impact on an organization. While there are many different types of leaders, ensuring the individual style is reflective of your organization’s culture and is critical to long-term success.

Quantum Strategies believes that leaders need to hone their skills to adapt and motivate various stakeholders with various personalities.

Our team will help you optimize your innate skill to get the most of your rank and file employees.


Organizations don’t understand the true cost of Human Capital. Using QAS will enable your organization to determine the real cost of HR decisions. Having this information at your fingertips will help management make data-driven decisions and understand the financial impact of any given workforce decision.

Using QAS/HR Analytics can increase ROI by:

  • Attracting and retaining top performers
  • Optimizing employee performance and productivity
  • Creating a positive work environment

Using the QAS will allow you to answer critical questions such as:

  • How high is annual turnover and what is the cost?
  • Which employees will be most likely to leave your organization within a year?
  • How can we as an organization test effectiveness of HR interventions?
  • How can we measure employee engagement on financial performance?
  • What is the business impact of your learning and development budget?


Quantum Strategies offers its clients a comprehensive performance management system, Maximum Accountability.

This technology coupled with hands-on guidance provides the tools necessary to align the entire organization’s actions with the Senior Management’s mission.

Maximum Accountability’s technology features include:

  • Goal Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • 360 Feedback
  • Customization for your Specific Structure
  • Accountability
  • Tracked Communication

The business coaching coupled with the Maximum Accountability software guides the process. This is done by the CEO creating the vision and assigning goals to senior managers and that cascading down the organization.

The end results: if the bottom of the org chart meets their goals that would result in the managers meeting their goals and if that continually moves up the organization the organization will meet its goals.


There are many different personality types and just as many assessments to evaluate those personalities. However, not all assessments can meet the needs of every organization.

At Quantum Strategies, we utilize our years of experience to understand the unique needs of our clients to determine which assessment, or combination of assessments, will provide the information and tools needed to accomplish those objectives.

How would your organization benefit from implementing personality assessments?

  • Administering personality assessments will allow the organization to:
    • better understand each individual employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and what workplace conditions will make them successful and productive.
    • aid you in strategically developing effective teams or determining which employees might work better alone.
  • Personality assessments also give employees a deeper understanding of themselves, their coworkers, and the differences in their traits, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • The insights gained from using these assessments will result in greater employee production, engagement, and satisfaction.
  • Linking personality and values to the workplace.
    • Person-job-fit
    • Person-organization fit theory:
      • Argues that people are attracted to and selected by organizations that match their values, and they leave organizations that are not compatible with their personalities.
      • If an organization faces dynamic and changing environments and needs employees that can readily change tasks and move easily between teams, it is more important that personalities are compatible with an organization’s culture than with characteristics of a specific job.
      • Research has looked at if employee values match the organization’s culture and found that it predicts job satisfaction, commitment, and lower turnover.
    • Moved from employee ability to perform jobs towards persons flexibility to meet changing situations and commitment to the organization.
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent development


Advantages of Quantum Wellness

On-Site Wellness
With longer, stressful workdays it is hard to find time to achieve your wellness goals. Since employees spend the majority of their time in the office, Quantum Wellness’s on-site program will bring a higher level of awareness to help achieve wellness goals.

Prevent Chronic Diseases
Chronic diseases are the most preventable type of disease and also account for 75% of total healthcare costs. Quantum Wellness provides actionable steps to prevent illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, and cancer. If an employee can fully commit to the program, progress will be made.

Save Money on Healthcare
Healthcare costs rise yearly and employees are taking this burden with higher deductibles. With employee participation in our wellness program, you can improve the overall health of all your employees and lower healthcare costs from the bottom line.

Quantum’s wellness program is designed to be fun, to drive engagement. With our app, Employees can track their progress, win rewards for success, create customized goals to challenge themselves, and educate themselves all in one spot.

How to Make Wellness a Successful Business Strategy

Your wellness program becomes a successful business strategy when it improves employee health and reduces health care costs. This can only happen when you use a wellness program that has both reach and impact. It must reach and help every employee adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. QS Wellness uses powerful incentives, marketing, and technology to encourage every employee to engage. Health improves with participation in our wellness campaigns, challenges, and wellness programming.


Personal Health Assessment

The QS Wellness personal health assessment is simple, user intuitive and captures several different behavioral and biometric risk factors. A user will complete our 34-question health assessment immediately after they register.

When an employee completes their assessment, they will receive immediate personalized feedback. With that feedback, they can set personal health goals or participate in behavior change activities tailored to their specific health needs, such as meeting with a health coach.

Online Program Center

After your employees have registered, they will be directed to our personal wellness program center. Each week, employees will have the opportunity to participate in simple behavior change tasks. Employees can track their wellness incentives, participate in challenges, campaigns, social media, even health coaching. They can also view the latest health news, videos and recipes. The program center is available online or via the QS Wellness App.

Behavior Change Campaigns & Challenges

Successful wellness programs improve employee health and lower health risks by helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Employees get healthier when they participate in campaigns and challenges. Campaigns are 4-8 weeks long and challenges are two weeks long. Both are behavior change exercises that help employees develop healthy lifestyle habits. Each week, employees will watch behavior change videos, complete healthy behavior tasks and use behavior change books, tools or resources.

When each campaign concludes, employees can win incentive prizes and employees get a report of enrollment and completion numbers. Most wellness programs complete up to four campaigns and four challenges each year. QS Wellness offers over 30 behavior change campaigns and 50 two-week challenges to choose from.

Fitness Device Integration

QS Wellness My Tracker and other tools are integrated with several popular fitness devices. We synchronize with Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone devices. We can also connect to over 100 other devices through a smart phone app called Map My Fitness. Once a user has registered a device with QS Wellness, we will use data from the device to track exercise for challenges, monthly incentives or whatever the administrator chooses.

Biometric Screening & Dashboard

QS Wellness can accept file feeds and biometric information from physicians, third-party vendors, and other third-party sources. This data is then auto-integrated into the health assessment of users, so they can review their results and track year over year progress. In addition to individual user tracking, QS Wellness will provide an aggregated report of the results.

Once the biometric data are integrated into the QS Wellness platform, the results can be used to drive program encouragement and participation in activities and programs that help them improve and understand their risk factors. Health coaching can also be offered to high-risk employees.

Incentive & Activity Tracking with Rewards

QS Wellness Rewards is a powerful wellness activity tracking solution for companies of any size. All employees will have access to Rewards where they can track progress towards wellness incentives. Employees can verify they have completed wellness activities by uploading images with their cell phone. In rewards, employees can see the prizes or rewards they are working towards and get instant updates on their progress.

Whether you are just beginning a wellness program or have been doing it for years, we can help you build a wellness incentive system that helps your employees stay motivated.


In order to be effective, all aspects of Human Resources must take a coordinated approach. Each HR function cannot be independent of the others.

HCM (Human Capital Management) becomes a key driver for an organization, impacting productivity, ROI and engagement. HCM is based on traditional Human Resources functions, like recruiting, payroll, training, performance management, and compensation yet Quantum Strategies segments HCM into two specific categories:

Administrative HCM:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Administration

Strategic HCM:

  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Managing Remote Workforce
  • Keeping Teams Connected and Engaged
  • Efficient Online Work Environment
  • New Policies and Procedures for PTO and Vacation
  • Retaining Employees vs Layoffs and Job Sharing
  • Identifying Talent to Fill Unproductive Roles
  • Reporting and Analytics