Employee experience refers to the entire lifecycle of the employment process. From interviewing and onboarding prospective talent to engagement and performance in daily routines, all the way to offboarding. While optimizing customer service is often given much consideration for retaining customers, investing in the employee experience is crucial for the engagement, productivity, and retention of employees.

Here are some statistics from Gallup’s research on employee experience:

  • The number one reason people change jobs is to pursue career growth opportunities
  • 12% of employees believe their organization has a great onboarding process
  • 2 in 10 people are motivated by the work they complete

Read the five points below on how the profitability of an organization can be increased through the employee experience:

1. Can Help Lower the Rate of Turnover

It’s no secret that an increase in positive employee experience also increases profitability by way of lower turnover. By investing the time and effort into employee onboarding and training, you can improve employees’ skills and make their experience more fulfilling and productive. This investment in your employee’s happiness increases the probability of them staying with your company long term.

2. Can Increase Employee Engagement

Providing the necessary tools, training, and work culture acclimation can lead to an overall employee engagement increase. Engaged employees are more likely to take on an invested role in the success of the company. By recognizing their significance in the company’s success, they become more likely to value their organization’s position.

3. Can Increase Employee Productivity

Engaged employees ultimately end up being more productive and profitable than those who are not. Creating engagement within the employee experience leads to an overall increase in productivity, as the employees feel they have an integral role in the company’s success.

4. Can Increase a Company’s Reputation

A company’s reputation is closely linked to its employees’ performance, who will ultimately be the organization’s face. Employees who are effective in their roles are more likely to positively impact customers, prompting future sales by building rapport among the consumer base. A positive public persona is invaluable to any organization and has beneficial effects on online reviews, word of mouth, and brand loyalty.

5. Can Help Boost Sales

The result of optimizing the employee experience is an increase in sales. Happier employees are engaged, invested, motivated, and less likely to turnover. They build rapport with customers, develop and maintain the brand’s reputation, and have a vested interest in the organization’s success, all of which provide a net benefit to sales and a decrease in costs.

The boost in your organization’s profits will be worth the effort needed to invest in an employee engagement system. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a team member to discuss your current situation and potential options, please contact us.