Nick Houghton

Lead Marketing Technician

Nick’s role at Quantum Strategies is to assist in developing and implementing our different software platforms as we improve our client’s HR processes in both efficiency and effectiveness. He also works on integrating our own business, as well as our clients, within our marketing platform and improves their SEO and outpace competitors in their respective markets.

He works closely with the Technology team to research and strategize a competitive platform that will stand out amongst competitors and improve HR functions for our clients. Nick also works with our Marketing team to both plan and develop their marketing strategies, improving SEO for Quantum and clients, and creating Landing Pages and Websites for new and existing product outreach.

Prior to Quantum Strategies, Nick worked while attending his studies at PSU as a Student Retail Manager in the dining halls.

Nick graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Economics. While studying at PSU, Nick aided in the rebirth of the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi, and he currently resides in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.


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