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Strategic HR & Leadership Development

Technology coupled with hands-on guidance provides the tools necessary to align the entire organization’s actions with your mission.

  • Leadership Training: Customized leadership training to enhance skills like communication, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, team building, and change management.

  • Business Succession Planning: Quantum Strategies specializes in succession planning to ensure long-term business sustainability and retain top talent. We identify successors, develop transition plans with clear timelines and comprehensive training, and uphold transparent communication throughout.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Quantum Strategies can develop a strategy for your organization to effectively use diversity and inclusion to support your specific growth and value-creation goals.

Payroll, Compensation, Benefits Administration, and Time Management

No more headaches, just peace-of-mind and easy, accurate paydays for you and your employees.

  • Payroll: Timely, accurate payroll processing with on-site or off-site management of employee data, benefits, PTO, and payroll.

  • Compensation Analysis: We deliver expert compensation analysis, ensuring market-aligned salaries to retain top talent, maintain equity, and suit all business sizes and roles

  • Benefits Administration and Strategy: We work as an extension of your HR team, bridging communication between brokers and employees and facilitating smooth enrollment and management processes.

  • Scheduling and Time Management: Customized scheduling systems developed by Quantum Strategies offer comprehensive insights to effectively manage overtime and associated costs, ensuring optimal time management and financial efficiency.

Performance & Employee Engagement

Technology coupled with hands-on guidance provides the tools necessary to align the entire organization’s actions with the your mission.

  • Employee Engagement: Quantum Strategies assesses and improves employee engagement, transforming them into stakeholders through engagement strategies and tools.

  • Performance Reviews: Our Maximum Accountability system aligns organizational actions with goals, featuring goal management, performance reviews, and 360 feedback.

  • Employee Interaction Center: Our software streamlines employee engagement with automation, offering surveys, performance management, and analytical tools for actionable insights and a positive work environment.

  • People Analytics: We assist in data extraction and integration, enabling actionable insights for better decision-making, suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Compliance & Risk Management

Technology coupled with hands-on guidance provides the tools necessary to align the entire organization’s actions with the your mission.

  • Compliance: We help navigate complex regulations like the Affordable Care Act and FMLA, ensuring compliance through comprehensive assessments and knowledgeable guidance.

  • Risk Management: We collaborates with brokers and insurance carriers to develop effective risk management strategies, focusing on recruitment, training, incident investigation, and Return to Work programs.

  • Leave Management: QS Leave Management software ensures compliance with FMLA, increasing productivity and reducing program costs while integrating with your technology ecosystem.

  • File Management: We offer document storage systems integrated with HRIS, ensuring effective management and compliance with regulations.

  • Audits & Reporting: Quantum Strategies will configure and integrate your technologies to simplify audits, generate standard and custom reports, and integrate across various platforms for efficiency and real-time data access.

Recruitment & Hiring

From executive searches to process outsourcing, our team combines expertise and technology to ensure your organization recruits top candidates across all levels and functions.

  • Recruitment Marketing: Our team will develop a pipeline of top talent for your organization by executing employer brand and recruitment initiatives like college career fairs, internal referral programs, and community outreach.

  • Candidate Sourcing: Our AI sourcing technology vets candidates from our robust user base and matches them based on your needs. 

  • Recruiting: Our expert recruiters efficiently fill roles by leveraging technology and directly engaging with verified candidates. 

  • Applicant Tracking: Our team helps identify and implement cost-effective ATS technology, customizing them with applications and interview questions to ensure a  smooth hiring process for you and your candidates.

  • Background Checks & Onboarding: Our services provide a seamless and efficient approach to onboarding and background checks, ensuring compliance with partner standards for a smooth integration of new hires.

Quantum Integration Services

Quantum Strategies Integration Services (QIS) offers advanced business planning and data analysis. QIS conducts thorough organizational assessments to tailor strategies to your goals, excelling in complex data analysis. Its capabilities include multidimensional and AI-powered analysis, machine learning, and cognitive computing. The analytics engine and a scalable code-free computing framework enable efficient data processing. QIS simplifies decision-making with user-friendly cloud dashboards, providing clear actionable insights for businesses to act swiftly and effectively.


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At Quantum, we understand that your satisfaction matters most, and The Quantum Commitment is our way of putting that understanding into action. Experience the difference with a team that is dedicated to making your satisfaction the cornerstone of our service. Because when you choose Quantum, you choose excellence, reliability, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations every time.

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