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Key Challenges Faced by Human Resources in Nonprofit Organizations

August 16, 20232 min read

The nonprofit sector brings its own set of specialized difficulties, especially in the area of human resources (HR). Although these difficulties may share some common ground with those in the for-profit industry, they possess unique characteristics that require special attention from nonprofit leaders. Below is an in-depth exploration of these distinct HR obstacles faced by nonprofits and strategies to conquer them.

The Contrast Between Nonprofits and For-profits

Recognizing the intrinsic differences between nonprofit and for-profit entities is vital. Whereas for-profit businesses primarily concentrate on investment returns, nonprofits direct their energies towards their mission and community, often delivering intangible social rewards to supporters. This contrast permeates the operational approaches of both entities, giving nonprofits a more mission-oriented and community-centered nature.

HR in the Nonprofit Sector: Addressing Specialized HR Requirements

The simultaneous need to fulfill public missions and manage internal functions leads to specific HR issues in nonprofits. Leaders in this sector must act as organizational overseers and advocates for their cause. Their strategies must cover recruitment, legal compliance, and policy-making to ensure the organization remains efficient and true to its mission.

Below are four distinct nonprofit HR challenges and ways to resolve them:

Challenge 1: Compliance with Employment Law

Although exempt from certain taxes, nonprofits still must adhere to labor regulations. To keep abreast of legal requirements, follow relevant news sources or consult experts like employment attorneys or specialized HR organizations.

Challenge 2: Distinguishing Between Volunteers and Employees

Nonprofits often need help with worker classification, exacerbated by high turnover and extensive volunteer work. Carefully crafted job descriptions for paid and volunteer roles can help maintain compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Challenge 3: Recruiting, Integrating, and Developing Talent

The shift from for-profit to nonprofit domains can pose employee challenges. Implementing HR mechanisms such as coaching and performance enhancement can facilitate smoother transitions.

Challenge 4: Navigating Leadership Transitions

Leadership changes within nonprofits can be particularly intricate. By involving outgoing leaders in communications and ensuring a dignified departure, the organization can minimize potential disruptions within the donor community.


Successfully steering through the specialized HR challenges within the nonprofit realm demands expert understanding, strategic planning, and precise implementation. With comprehensive knowledge of these challenges and the right solutions, nonprofits can stay focused and successful in their vital missions.

For stakeholders in the nonprofit sector, embracing these insights and implementing best practices will pave the way to organizational resilience, legal compliance, and overall success. Please contact us if your organization has questions about any of the challenges referenced above. Our team of HR professionals has tremendous experience in the nonprofit sector and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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